Adult Acne Treatment – Keep Smiling

Adult acne treatment are words that just shouldn’t be going together. We thought we were rid of that silly disease when we left our teenage years and now here it is all faring up again.

The reason we haven’t heard much about acne in adults is because the subject is barely examined.

Why it’s not examined is a bit baffling considering half of adult women and a quarter of adult men end up developing the disease they hated so much as teenagers.

We can argue that it is just a spin off from teenage acne but the problem there is that many adults who are experiencing the disease got lucky and avoided it in their teenage years.

We do know that in men the leading causes are stress and hormonal changes and in women it tends to be its worst at their premenstrual stage each month.

Another reason in either sex that was once thought to be a myth is the use of make up. The make up tends to cover and clog the pores which can result in devastating results. In this case the best adult acne treatment is to make sure you do a good job of cleaning the make up off each day.

The medical field has actually been quite successful in controlling the disease in adults. The only catch there is you have to be willing to answer a lot of tough questions since so much of the acne seems to be caused by stress. The figuring is if they treat the stress the acne will take care of it self.

You do have other options as well. We all know just by looking around at many drug store we can find dozens and dozens of treatments for acne.

Most of the treatments you find are actually considered to be pretty good in most cases. The problem is you may have to try several of them before finding something that works.

Different people react differently to different medications. That is one of the big reasons the skin disease is known as the trial and error disease. You just keep trying different things until you find the one that works.

Acne has always been a disease of mystery most commonly found in teenagers. Of course many great strides have been taken over the years but scientists tell us we are just at the tip and have so much more to learn now.

The best suggestion anyone can give at the moment for adult acne treatment is see your doctor and be sure to follow their advice.

As one member in a family affected by acne I like to do as much research as I can and share it with the public. As a family doing our own research we too have discovered many interesting things when it comes to acne.